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Gestetner stands as a trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s office automation sector, tracing its roots back to the inception of the conventional ‘Roneo’ machine, a widely used innovation of its time. Since those early days, the company has been at the forefront of technological advancements, evolving continuously to provide cutting-edge office automation solutions to the nation.


Our reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s most esteemed entities is founded on our unwavering commitment to excellence. We have curated an extensive portfolio that encompasses renowned office automation brands, each representing our core values of confidence, reliability, impeccable service, and excellent value for money.

Company Milestones

In the late 19th century, when people were laboriously transcribing documents by hand, David Gestetner created the first stencil duplicator, which enabled in-house, multi-copy document reproduction for the first time. Thus began Gestetner’s long history as an innovator in the office equipment industry. Since that time, the company has been at the forefront at every stage in the evolution of document management equipment.








Until 1953 Gestetner of Ceylon Ltd was incorporated as the Gestetner brand which was represented directly by its UK based founders vis their subsidiary in Europe.

In 1964, a significant milestone marked the evolution of our company as it achieved a momentous feat by registering as a publicly traded company on the stock exchange. This strategic move not only signaled the company's confidence in its growth potential but also provided a platform for investors to participate in our journey. Going public in 1964 was a pivotal step that allowed us to access capital, broaden our shareholder base, and enhance transparency in our operations. This milestone not only reflected our commitment to long-term success but also opened new avenues for financial growth and collaboration, solidifying our position in the market.

In 1998, our company achieved a significant milestone by pioneering the introduction of cutting-edge digital copiers. This transformative move marked a paradigm shift in document reproduction technology, replacing traditional analog methods with advanced digital processes. Our innovative digital copiers not only streamlined document management but also set new standards for efficiency, speed, and image quality. This milestone reinforced our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering businesses to enhance productivity and embrace the digital age with confidence.

The Print to Profit service, a unique and innovative printing solution was introduced in 2002 for the very first time.

Upon Ricoh corporation acquiring Gestetner International, Gestetner of Ceylon PLC started promoting Ricoh products in Sri Lanka.

Formation of a fully owned subsidiary, Fintek managed solutions (pvt) Ltd. Appointed authorised distributor of Sharp brand in the year 2018.

Currently we employ over 200 direct staff who are engaged in Sales, Marketing, Technical After sales services, IT, Accounts, Administration and HR.


Our vision is to emerge as the top provider of office automation solutions, distinguished by a robust brand identity.


Develop a socially responsible team with integrity, dedicated to surpassing customer expectations. We aim to enhance customer value through high-quality products and services, ensuring robust returns for our stakeholders.
Our Brands
Our Subsidiary
Fintek Managed Solutions
Fintek Managed Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, a fully incorporated subsidiary of Gestetner of Ceylon PLC, has been appointed the authorized distributor for Sharp Office Automation products and solutions, Scancoin cash counter products and solutions and Vivitek projectors in Sri Lanka.
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Gestetner Printing Services
Gestetner Printing Services (Pvt) Limited,which is also a fully owned subsidiary of the Company is engaged in the provision of Outsourced Photocopying / Printing Services and also IT Solutions.
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Nashua Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Nashua Lanka (Pvt) Limited, which is a fully owned subsidiary of the Company, imports and markets Copiers, Consumables.
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