Terms & Condition

Welcome to www.gestetnersl.com, the online purchasing platform for Gestetner of Ceylon PLC (Sri Lanka). The gestetnersl.com website provides services to its valued customers subject to the following conditions. Please read and accept the under mentioned conditions and guidelines carefully before you use the services of this website.
Product information

The gestetnersl.com website attempts to be as accurate as possible with the information displayed on the site. However, gestetnersl.com does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on this site are 100% accurate, complete, reliable or completely free of errors. If a product offered by gestetnersl.com is not as described on the website, a customer’s sole remedy is to return it in unused condition within two days of delivery. If there is any external damage to the package, a customer is responsible for checking the item when it is handed over. An item will not be exchanged for a refund or replacement if there is external damage e.g., packaging damage, dents. Refunds or replacements will only apply for items with confirmed technical in-built faults.

In case the received item is found defective, customers should immediately inform gestetnersl.com within 24 hours to arrange a replacement with a brand-new unit.

Regarding the items sold through gestetnersl.com the price of an item cannot be confirmed until the customer orders the item. Even though every effort is made to provide accurate pricing, there may be a negligible probability that some items can be mispriced. If the new price is higher than the mentioned price, we will not cancel or deliver the item without your confirmation about the new price, and all cancellation of items will be informed prior.

Due to current international exchange laws and conventions, even if delivery of the selected item is cancelled, gestetnersl.com cannot refund your money. You will, however, be provided credit on the website to purchase another available product up to the value of the previous item.

If an item is damaged during delivery and gestetnersl.com does not have stocks from the same item/model to arrange a replacement, the particular purchase amount will be refunded.

Return Policy

Return Period: gestetnersl.com must be informed within 3 days for Electronics of receiving the item to be eligible for return.

Item must be in the original packaging with tags intact in the same condition it was delivered in. Items returned after the Return Period has lapsed will not be accepted.

Items to be returned are the sole responsibility of the customer until they reach us, and customer needs to ensure items are properly packed to prevent any damages en route to us. Items damaged en route will not be accepted.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proof of postage for parcels that contain items to be returned.

Gestetner of Ceylon will require minimum 05-07 business days to process your return request and ready the replacement unit.

Refund Policy

If a replacement unit for the size/specific model is no longer available, the customer will be issued a full refund. The refund will not include any delivery charges borne by the customer for return of item.

All refunds will be processed within 3-5 working days. Processing refunds back to your credit card/ bank account may require additional time depending on the bank due to its own operational time for which Gestetner of Ceylon will not be responsible.


The warranty provided through the www.gestetnersl.com website is the same as the common warranty provided to Geststener of Ceylon showroom. For any warranty-related issues, please contact the Service Centre via the contact details on the warranty card.

We guarantee that all products sold by www.gestetnersl.com are in good quality and working order and tested for quality and handed over to the customer for normal and standard usage, subject to the following terms and conditions. Gestetner of Ceylon agrees to repair the manufacturing defects in products on free of charge basis only the 01-year standard warranty period except for products covered under different warranty periods.

Extended warranty will be provided subject to payments, for extended warranty terms and conditions refer the extended warranty card.

The warranty will not be effective for repairs/installations/services done by any 03rd party other than Gestetner of Ceylon PLC or its authorized service agents, damage caused by ancillary equipment and non-recommended accessories, normal wear, tear and corrosion, corrosion of copper tanks, promotional Items given free of charge with the main product, damages due to split and liquid, drop damages, seepage, secretion from insects, rodents or domestic pets, accident, fire, theft, act of god, power surges, electrical leakage, voltage fluctuations, negligence, misuse, abuse, incorrect installations, modifications, improper testing operation, maintenance installation, charging of batteries other than standard charges, defaced, obliterated or removed, substance damage to coil cards and connectors due to misuse, damage due to shock or external force, lightning, being operated in alkaline or unsuitable atmosphere, use of products outside specification, use for purpose not recommended, use beyond the guidelines, directions and user capacity of product, alterations, defaced or suspected warranty cards and serial number alteration, unclear rubber stamp of showroom managers and dealers, any damage or loss to any 03rd party or property, batteries, chargers, carrying cases, laptop bags, power adaptors, power cables, internet connection cables, printer cables, cartridges, toner, knobs, locks, bulbs, filters, racks, shelves, gas charging, switches, remote controllers, AV cables, antenna cables, inter connection cables, brushers, drive belts, pulleys, pads, plug tops, burner caps, trivet, tube, ignition plugs, telephone shower, plastic jug, blades, handles, lids, pouches, speaker cables, speakers, speaker boxes, water tap and any other consumable parts.

Failure to install software, video, audio and file formats are not considered as manufacturing defects. No warranty is provided for the quality of the software and hardware used by the customer, hardware and software defects and corruption, virus attacks, spywares, firmware upgrades, defects due to use of third-party application and unauthorized and illegal software and company will not be responsible for any data losses at point of repair.

If the product delivered by the company contains any damage during transit or handling, customer shall be informed at the same time on date of delivery. If the product is delivered by the customer, company shall not be liable for any damage arising while transporting. Customer is advised to check before moving out product from showroom premises.

Services shall not be provided if Hire Purchase Instalments are due.

If the product is beyond economical repair, product replacement with similar working condition and warranty shall be effective for remaining period.

Goods Exchange Policy

www.gestetnersl.com may exchange the purchased item on valid for another item requested by the customer. The said customer will have to pay for any difference in the price and that payment will also need to be completed within 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Privacy Policy

All information entered in to www.gestetnersl.com by site visitors will be collected and stored. If certain visitors decide not to provide certain information, they will not be able to acquire the valuable advantages and features of this website. This vital information is used for quick and fruitful responses to your requests, and for communicating with you in present and future instances. Information about customers is important to Gestetner of Ceylon PLC and will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will not be divulged to 03rd parties. Customer information is used only as described below and with affiliates of www.gestetnersl.com


The content of the www.gestetnersl.com site is the property of Gestetner of Ceylon PLC (Sri Lanka) and is protected under international copyright laws. The trademark www.gestetnersl.com is a registered trademark and the sole rights of changing, modifying, assigning, or using this trademark is solely with Gestetner of Ceylon PLC (Sri Lanka). Anyone other than Gestetner of Ceylon PLC who is involved in changing, modifying, assigning, or using this trademark without prior written authorization of Gestetner of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) will be violating international copyright laws.

Digital Communication Policy

When you visit the www.gestetnersl.com website or communicate with www.gestetnersl.com via e-mails, you are considered as communicating with www.gestetnersl.com This permits www.gestetnersl.com to send e-mails and to communicate with you and you are deemed as agreeing to all terms and conditions, notices and other means of communications that we provide to you electronically, satisfying all legal requirements.