Products Information

Product information

  • The website attempts to be as accurate as possible with the information displayed on the site. However, does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on this site are 100% accurate, complete, reliable or completely free of errors. If a product offered by is not as described on the website, a customer’s sole remedy is to return it in unused condition within two days of delivery. If there is any external damage to the package, a customer is responsible for checking the item when it is handed over. An item will not be exchanged for a refund or replacement if there is external damage e.g., packaging damage, dents. Refunds or replacements will only apply for items with confirmed technical in-built faults.
  • In case the received item is found defective, customers should immediately inform within 24 hours to arrange a replacement with a brand-new unit.
  • Regarding the items sold through the price of an item cannot be confirmed until the customer orders the item. Even though every effort is made to provide accurate pricing, there may be a negligible probability that some items can be mispriced. If the new price is higher than the mentioned price, we will not cancel or deliver the item without your confirmation about the new price, and all cancellation of items will be informed prior.
  • Due to current international exchange laws and conventions, even if delivery of the selected item is cancelled, cannot refund your money. You will, however, be provided credit on the website to purchase another available product up to the value of the previous item.
  • If an item is damaged during delivery and does not have stocks from the same item/model to arrange a replacement, the particular purchase amount will be refunded.