Print To Profit Solution

  Gestetner of Ceylon PLC pioneered to introduce its innovative Document Printing solution “P2P”, for the corporate sector 15 years ago. At Present, there are over 200 corporate customers use over 2000 machines under P2P document printing solutions.

  The key factor of this solution is customers can have printers/copiers according to required specifications without a capital investment. Furthermore, customers do not have the hassle of maintaining machines and stocking consumables as P2P provides them at no cost.

√  P2P has a separate unit for customer care in order to provide island-wide preventive maintenance and technical support for breakdowns. Further, P2P uses an innovative service software to get automatic alerts for breakdowns and for toner empty situations to minimize machine downtime.


P2P Print to Profit is primarily a cost management strategy that allows organizations to gain better control over their printing expenses. It addresses the financial aspect of printing and document management.

In a P2P Print to Profit solution, the responsibility for owning and maintaining printing equipment is transferred from the organization to a service provider, often a trusted partner like Gestetner in your previous context. This means that instead of purchasing and maintaining their own printers and copiers, the organization relies on the service provider for these functions.

The key benefit is that organizations no longer have to worry about the capital outlay required to buy new printing devices or the ongoing costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and consumables (like  toner). This eliminates the need for the organization to allocate resources and manpower to manage these aspects.

By outsourcing the equipment and maintenance aspects, organizations can often achieve significant cost savings. Service providers typically offer flexible pricing models, such as pay-per-page or a fixed monthly fee, making it a cost-effective option compared to traditional printer ownership.

P2P Print to Profit solutions are designed to streamline document-related operations within an organization. This includes services like monitoring print jobs, tracking usage, and providing maintenance and support when needed. It ensures that printing processes run smoothly and efficiently.

The service provider takes a proactive approach to maintenance. They may monitor the health of the printing equipment remotely and dispatch technicians when issues arise. This minimizes downtime and ensures that the organization’s printing needs are consistently met.

P2P Print to Profit solutions are often scalable, allowing organizations to adjust their printing infrastructure as their needs change. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for growing businesses or those with fluctuating printing demands.

These solutions typically offer detailed reporting and analytics, allowing organizations to gain insights into their printing habits and costs. This data can inform decisions about optimizing printing practices further.

By outsourcing printing and document management, organizations can redirect their focus and resources toward their core activities and strategic goals, rather than dealing with the complexities of office equipment and supplies.

In summary, a P2P Print to Profit print managed solution is a comprehensive approach to managing and reducing printing costs while ensuring a hassle-free and efficient printing environment for organizations. It offers financial benefits, operational efficiency, and the convenience of leaving printing-related tasks to experts, allowing organizations to concentrate on their core objectives.

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